How we helped a coffee shop to reduce the impact of the pandemic


During the highest point of the pandemic and lockdown, many companies had to close their doors and saw the importance of internet presence as a new selling channel. This channel will allow them to sell, even though they couldn’t receive any people at their premises.

Let us introduce you this time one of the most famous coffee shops in northern Mexico, which partnered with us to offer a new selling channel to its customers, so they don’t miss the chance to get a delicious cup of coffee during the lockdown.

About the company

This company was founded in 1970 as a restaurant and by 2010 they started to offer gourmet coffee. Since then, they amplified their grain coffee offer to eight different areas and started working with two business models: coffee shops located in northern Mexico and commercial distribution alliances over Latin America.



The design, development, and implementation of a website has helped to speed up and optimize the purchasing process, plus has significantly contributed to the growth and strength of the company’s services to its customers, taking advantage of the information and technologies to meet quality expectations and performance to delight its customers.


Design and create a website from scratch including e-commerce for its varieties of grain coffee and coffee-related products to boost their sales during the lockdown.


-Lack of available information.

-Delays of the mockup design and approval.

-Client’s availability to bring detailed information and/or lack of time in due to their business duties.

The team

After a few meetings with the clients to have a better understanding of the project and to know deeply what they wanted to achieve, the development team was made of:

-An UX designer

-A software analyst

-A software developer

-A quality engineer.


Our development team works with the best agile development practices such as SCRUM, which has demonstrated to be one of the highest ones with accuracy rates among some of the most important software companies around the globe. Additionally, we use digital boards for task management, estimations, and functional and non-functional testing. This methodology promotes:

-Short cycles


-Fast feedback

-Better communication between the team and the clients

-Better understanding of workflows for the clients.

The scope of this project was divided into seven milestones to fulfill all the business needs. We scheduled four business weeks for the development and testing. Plus, we included one additional warranty week for any changes required by the client following the parameters agreed in the previous scope.



  • Landing page
  • About
  • Contact
  • Store

• Store location
• Filterable product list by category and price
• Detailed product info
• Product cart
• Checkout process

Next Steps

The clients were satisfied with the results of this project, as well as with the monetary benefits received after adding a new selling channel to its company. As the following step, we will keep working together in the development of a native mobile app to engage better with their online customers and offer a better user experience to this market segment.

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